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Modern Exercise Science and Ancestral Wisdom

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Meet Your Coach

My name is Jedd Ramos, and I am a Holistic Fitness Specialist.

I am a certified, educated and experienced fitness professional working to make a difference for 12 years.

Life-changing fitness is the synergy of modern exercise science with ancestral wisdom, and is used to holistically serve each client in mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.

Limitless transformations are special and unique to each client, and are not only “physical” transformations.

Improve Overall Body Composition Balance And Achieve A Body That Is The Physical Representation Of Who You Are With One Of Our Programs!

When you work out with Kaizen Fitness you’ll experience programs that target your whole body and focus on both quantity and quality. Our approach to fitness targets strategies that enhance your quality of life.

At Kaizen, you’ll receive self-paced, no stress workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere. Get access to programs via our fitness app and receive new workouts delivered weekly. We use the perfect blend of the latest, modern exercise science and ancestral wisdom.

We strive to build strong relationships with each and every client, and seek to work collaboratively as a team, trusting the process, establishing a positive mindset, putting in the hard work, and having patience throughout this journey we will be embarking on together.

Our Process

Free Consultation

Schedule a FREE Free Consultation In-Person or Zoom as well as an Initial Fitness Assessment.

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Start feeling strong in your body and see improvements not only in your fitness but also your whole lifestyle!

Over 12 Years of Holistic Coaching and Limitless Transformations

Hawaii Personal Training At KaiZen FITNESS

At KaiZen FITNESS, we go above and beyond what you’ll find at big box gyms. We offer you a holistic approach to nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and weight loss so you get quick and long-lasting results.

Your program is entirely customized to you- your body, your goals, and your needs. Our highly-trained, expert trainers push you to be your best, hold you accountable, and provide you the motivation you need to get ahead.

  • Personalized holistic approach to weight loss and fitness
  • Mobile, online, or hybrid coaching for your convenience
  • Quick and fun workouts that’ll keep you coming back for MORE
  • Science-backed, evidence based training methods for REAL results
KaiZen FITNESS will get you fit for life, and a life that fits you!

Hear from Our Clients

Schedule a FREE Consultation

Schedule a FREE 30-min session as well as an Initial Assessment to Get back a healthier you.

  • FREE 30-min Workout session
  • Free Initial Fitness Assessment
  • Revitalize your mind & spirit
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Extend your life
  • Personal trainer focused on you
  • Find the right balance in your life
  • Increase your energy levels