A Kapolei Personal Trainer Can Change Social Hour To Transformation Time

Getting fit doesn’t have to be grueling. It can be fun! A Kapolei personal trainer can help you create the perfect get-together that gets everyone moving. Why not workout together and follow that workout session with healthy snacks or a meal? You’ll be amazed at how good you feel afterward and how great you’ll look after a few months. Scheduling group exercise sessions with friends may seem strange initially, but once you experience how much fun it can be and see the amazing results, you’ll be glad you started.

No two people are alike.

When you workout in a group, each person works at their own level. The group may be doing the same exercise, but some will be a modified form based on ability and special needs. For example, traditional push-ups may be too difficult for some. The trainer will substitute bent-knee push-ups for those people. As everyone gets fitter, their repetitions will increase, or the trainer will adjust the form to match the new fitness level.

Group workouts are motivating.

Nobody wants to be the drop-out that doesn’t continue. That keeps everyone going. There is often friendly competition within the group, making each person push a little harder. A group workout is also supportive of each member, cheering them on to accomplish their goals. Most of all, working out together is fun and provides a social outlet that benefits everyone. You can even have a healthy meal after you workout.

Exercising improves everyone’s mood.

Exercise is a stress buster. Stress causes the body to revert to fight-or-flight mode. It causes changes in the body. If you don’t run or fight, those changes remain. One hormone of stress, cortisol, is linked to abdominal fat. The other changes stress hormones cause trigger other health issues. They also create a bad mood. Exercising burns off those hormones and triggers the release of endorphins that get you back to normal and make you feel good.

  • If you want more family time, use a personal trainer to help. Exercise together. You’ll get the kids on the path to a healthy future. Grandma and Grandpa can join in and extend their ability to live independently.
  • If you get together for a neighborhood workout, you can end the workout with a healthy supper. Each person brings a healthy dish and shares the dish and the recipe.
  • When spouses exercise together, it helps build their energy level. That can lead to more nights out dancing, biking, hiking, and other activities to make life richer.
  • Find a personal trainer that comes to you to make it easier. Not all trainers do that. The easier you make it for people to join in, the more likely everyone will stick with the program.

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A Kapolei Personal Trainer Can Change Social Hour To Transformation Time